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History of Manchester Budokan

Manchester Budokan was founded in its present form by Mike Sher, Mick Curtis and Ged Isaacs, in 1986. Three friends who had studied different disciplines, we decided to set up our own dojo when the various dojos we studied at closed.

We visited a number of dojos at the time, but none provided the sort of training we were looking for. Our intention was always to further our own studies rather than found a dynasty, but if we could pass on knowledge of karate to others this would be a bonus.

Since then we have had many hundreds of students through our doors, but as in all martial arts the majority do not stay the course, and from these beginners only 10 have achieved black belt status, which we feel is a reflection of the high standards we demand.

We have studied in 4 different halls but have been settled in our current home for more than 10 years.