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Here are some links and webrings you may find useful:

Please contact us if you find any broken links.

British Karate Association - the all-styles association for karate clubs in Britain

Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts - an international association for Chinese martial arts, predominantly Cheng Man-Ch'ing style Tai Chi, founded by Nigel Sutton. The instructors at Manchester Budokan have studied with Zhong Dao, the North West England branch of Zhong Ding..

Tony Christian's Academy of Karate-do - a consumate martial artist - it is worth any karateka's while to attend one of his classes. Our instructors and students have done so and found it very rewarding.

Rare Martial Books - a website selling rare books on all aspects of the martial arts, run by Martyn Joyce of Manchester Budokan. Highly recommended.

Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do an organisation headed by Sensei Vince Morris which concentrates on effective karate with an emphasis on kyushu-jutsu. Highly recommended.

24 Fighting Chickens - one man's perspective on Shotokan Karate - very informative

Seishin-do Karate - a New York school that combines Shotokan with Jujitsu - has some good ideas, and some good links

Ken-Sei-Kan Karate-do - Shoto-Ryu Karate-do, Aikido, Ju-Jitsu & Senshi-Ryu Kobudo in Sydney, Australia

Martial Arts Sites on the Web - this is a page of links to all kinds of martial arts sites - a huge resoure

Lambert Ichi Ryu Karate - another karate dojo with an interest in vital points

Falcons Martial Arts - this school in Wales teaches self defence based on Kickboxing, Ju-Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do, as well as offering opportunity to compete

Shaolin Union Europe - this is a Belgian site (but in English) which as the name suggests concentrates mainly, but not solely, on the Chinese arts. It is an excellent site, full of information presented in an accessible fashion.

New England Ringside - a boxing website, with some useful links.



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