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Who's who at Manchester Budokan


Our Resident Chief Instructor is Sensei Mike Sher.

Sensei Sher holds the rank of Sandan. His training history in Shotokan started at Salford University Karate Club with Sensei Terry O'Neill, September 1972 - June 1973, then continued at Ardwick Shotokan with Sensei Billy Higgins, June 1973 - January 1978, followed by Manchester Budokan studying with Sensei Eddie Garner from January 1978 until the present day.

Other arts and styles studied include Goju Ryu Karate with Sensei Cliff Brett, Thai boxing with Master Toddy for approximately 1 year, Aikido with Sensei Williams (Lichfield) for approximately 2 years, Judo with Sensei Alan Carlisle for approximately 3 years, Tai Chi Chuan with Sensei Danny Connor for approximately 1 year, and Iaido with Sensei Steve Crook for approximately 2 years.

He is assisted by Nidan Mick Curtis whose training history started in 1974 in Goju Ryu karate with Senseis Bob Greenhalgh and Tony Christian for approximately 18 months. A gap in regular training was partly filled by attendance at Salford University Kyokushinkai Karate Club for approximately 1 year, and at Prestwich Shukokai Karate Club for approximately 1 year. Training resumed in Goju Ryu Karate with Sensei Cliff Brett and Sensei John Boyle in 1980 and continued until 1985, and then he took up Shotokan at the Budokan in 1986, and continues to the present day.

Although his experience in other arts is less extensive than Sensei Sher's, he too has studied Aikido and Judo and he continues to study Tai Chi Chuan.

Both have attended numerous courses and seminars and continue to do so whenever opportunity arises - in particular, both have recently been studying Cheng Man-Ch'ing style Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu John Higginson.